Blessings and or Mantra (m) s - Do they work ?

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A mantram is a repetition like doing a rosery

or what muslims do with the help of beads

it is also the way Bouddhist monks reapeat with prayermills.


Repetition can workout quite strong

as any school teacher knows.


This is about 'hidden' spiritual forces within blessings repetitions


blessing a person is like transferring a part of all of

the giver's spiritual wealth to another entity


So the giver must himself have enough of something to give


For instance : The Popes official blessings

mean something if  the pope himself has something to give !!


To have a good idea about blessings and repetitions

read the ebook about a Russian Pilgrim,  the way it is done

in the orthodox church !


Although some elevated Masters ask their

disciples not to divulge the names received , this is more

a question of politeness / discretion than of

transferring powers "said" or comprised in a mantra(m)


A real

spiritual Guru or SatGuru can put his own Power c q

wisdom c q awakening in the Simran words.


The words

themselves without being received from such a reasonable high source have

  little power.


An elevated saintly teacher  could easily tell a

 disciple to repeat:

"Nissan, Coca Cola, Wallstreet, Pendjap, Ram"



In between of course there

 are devotional songs or repetitions which work somewhat

in relation with the spiritual degree of the praying

persons c q a priest


Joining each other while praying / blessing

works accumulating

if the power

comes from one of the 6 lower Chakras


That's why tantra, pranayama  and other energical matrams

work with the lower Chakras

and might give some result

but that's always in the material world

and at maximum including  heaven 1/7 ,

the place/plane  we came from

through our mother's chakra
the plane seen at Near Death Experiences
and most of us go back to..


Let's take these  take these blessing "treasures" with us

after death of the body - they might be paer of the God system

explained in another chapter


Try repetition of words given by a real 'teacher'

-what that means is also in my other blog-texts-,

and watch your inner-wealth grow

the one wealth which you will be able to take with you,

again exposed in my other texts
Not clear , .  .  .


do ask me  !

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esther 22/03/2012 09:35

je me demande de plus en plus comment cela se fait que quand on parle du son..cela n'éveille pas plus de questions chez les gens...quand on leur dot qu'il y a des mots sacrés, qui éveillent se son,
et que ce son est ce qui fait toute cette création, personne ne cherche à comprendre...bizarre!!

the-reason-for-creation 20/10/2013 18:35

I think if you say
that special words to repeat

and the shop-owner gives for free

there would be many questions  ,  attentives