The Kingdom of Heaven, . . . . some say Awakening

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before reading this post read the 'WHY' Chapter


How this Kingdom follows the nice expression
"It's more important Who you know than What you know  !"

The Kingdom of Heaven is like an Almighty, Powerful King practicing a hobby of disguising Himself
and going town to hear and see .

Those who met Him and sometimes have helped Him,  or at least not embarrassed Him feel the benefits for generations to come

Ignoring all proctors, administrators, the ministery of judgement, the ministers, the preachers and the head of police
this King in His 'lonesome' position at such tremendous Heights
He is delighted by the slightest favor, the smallest help, a smile to Him is like a kiss  ,  . .  whatever ........

.  .  .   and after coming back this King will not forget but invite
those who did not jerk,  who did not torture him
who did not kill him for lust only .  .  . 

He will elevate these persons to unimanagable Heights and delights , ever growing love from Himself without endlessly
This state is sometimes called Awakening, .  .  Nirvana,  or Heaven

For this reason God in creation is disguised as  a cow , so that you might smile at Him and will not want to torture
leave Him in the meddow ,  which can be done without a second thought , .  . without an agenda


Avant lire ceci , lisez aussi le chapitre WHY


Le Royaume de Dieu est come un Roi Omnipotent qui a un hobby

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