God, . . Hannah Arendt , Eichman and SSRI s

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Seen the movie  ?

When this philosophe attended this nazi eichman
process she stated that most
people are not
really bad but "banale" , mediocre, dumb executers

How avout using the expression  "non-emphatic".

Empathy is greatly created by background and education
and in so far Hannah is right

Emphaty is compassion and those words are in all my chapters
all the time

With all the so very much non-compassion
on this planet everywhere towards animals
as the first base
a new danger is here now in the form of all
Seratonine , Dopamine regulators

used by so many and 100% of all school shooters
and probably terrorists suiciders

Let's pray that no politiciens with access to WMDs
use these SSRI molecules which take empathy completely away

Please google    :  SSRI+school+shooters

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esther 30/04/2013 11:48

He said this weekend, that we are all just the sum of our background, education, thoughts etc....so I would add...let's begin by aligning our thoughts, to be good thoughts...compassion will
automaticly flow out of it....

the-reason-for-creation 20/10/2013 18:21

So true -  let's do it