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I have a walk experience :
40 years ago I was at my Masters Ashram and Indians were filling trenges and brought dirt and sand over a One  KM distance from one place to another for building a gasthouse

I said :
A caterpiller can do that in a few hours
No , . . no . . . please dont propose that they all said ,
Try it yourself It's the must beautyfull experience in the world  !

All together there were I guess about 1,000 - 2,000 people at work at a time that half a million had come to the place for Darshan and remembering the passing away of the former Master

So, I joined  :  .  .  a kind of basked on your head and the dust etc falling on your sweaty face and all muscles burning and all that in the Indian heat

I did it only 2 times the transport of a few kilos but in the middle of the walk He showed up and the result was undescribable and like what happens ( not always ) in meditation ( only this is much easier than meditation , specially when the Sound is not  strong )

He, The Master changed in a thousand Suns, . . not changed really He
was THAT like myriads of diamonds streaming out of His forehead and everywhere these rays touched a person or a tree or the ground ,  . .
that started to change in pure transparent Gold and these persons or trees everything started radiating also
Much more is there  to it like the Sounds but all that is un-explainable I never cried so much in my life as that moment,   while walking in the midst of thousand Indian mostly an-alphabetic s

Please Don't react Ray, . . you will find all kind of psychological explanation for this
For me it was PURE LOVE
( it comes when we have compassion , don't & never torture ! )

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