Saint Francis of Assise and the Inception movie

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The real INCEPTION ( like the movie )  is of seven time-space shifts
separated by 'death'
or by Meditation which is being awake without thoughts.

It can be done by enormous efforts to receive inside information
about the next UP Layer or Heaven in ourselves,
( the first of seven )

but endless easier and smoothly by diving in the sweet sweet music, sound current,
, the Music of the spheres, the Word of The Saint John Gospel,
The Holy Grail, The Elixer, The Holy Ghost, The Anahabd ( unstruck ) Shabd ( vibration- tone)
reverberating tangible , audible above our eyes at the right side

diving in that Sound
means like Ramana says : " being absorbed in"
"being absorbed in Him is to know Him"

Like the book sais
" They who hear the WORD are the creations cream "

This easier and natural method goes right to the 7th heaven
which is our origin
and is available to those with real COMPASSION 
. . . 
like Saint Francis who spoke with the animals
which is just a way to express : "knowing God"

By its sweetness
all our other desires/attachments grow pale, fade away

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