I think , . . so I Am. . . I am what ?

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Rupert Spira
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The separate self is like a character in a movie that travels the world in search of the screen.
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Guillermo Machado nice!
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Ali Zand beautiful √
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Emily Scher Goodman Thank you!
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Gisela Mendez Cisneros
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Brajesh Dubey Is there screen?
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Jill Swanson ॐ
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Ankh Aton There are many degrees of self in separation

There are in creation also many many many in utmost wonder
dancing on the breath ( in us ) of The Almighty ( jap ji )
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Ali Zand Universe is in the mind ... one see what is real in his experience.
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Ankh Aton Ali ... or ... one sees what the designer wanted to see through you
with or without screen.
( Solopism )
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Ali Zand
who is the designer then, cause wanting is desire of the self,
screen in the screen. totality does not have desire, it is.
in this reality, it is all projection through space suit we call body.
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Ankh Aton Ok - - yes - spacesuit
I see and really see that as I wrote in my ebook.

lets use the word God because it is easy

HE is the designer
Of course he desires something - He is not a frigide non moving silent moron
So what does he want : The most precious stuff around
and that is Love.
If you ever had a big love affair , you know that Ali

When he wants that he can't help to create circumstances for that goal to the maximum
by creating
Xillions to the power of zillio creation per nanosecond
and because he is sole, the stuff comes from Him
Each Quark , Boson Soul is just Him
but it works only combined wit amnesia

So He creates myriads of entities and they are all Him

Also He gives everything there is to give and in a way
he goes himself ( Rupert's screen ) with each Soul , . . . hand in hand
to the carnival

Now tiny° some of those souls , Jivas ( soul+ego ) , on theConey_Island
grow so excited that they lose the hand, the connection
and suddenly are on their own

They start to make errors, faults say the french
and the errors have consequences
There are no commandments - there is only : the jiva can't steal
if she wants stuff , she has to have some patience, just ask . . .
but the Jiva had never learned patience, . . so She steals it at the first occasion
from another Jiva . . . hihi
There is no punishsment for that deed, . . She just has to give the thing back
That might be in a 'second' a year, a life or in one of
many other lifes to come because of that deed, ( karma )
if it is complex
in another big bang even
( The univers seeks always the balance )

The Fatherall the time is a little concerned but being the screen all the time
ready to accept the jivas hand

Now , what will happen cponcerning the manufactering of fresh love

This jiva, a certain moment realizes its state of affairs and more or less
remembers where it came from
but it's still attached to all kind of material stuff and each time a tiny rememberance of the father
comes up, attention goes to these desires and things

I will come back - have to eat . .
most is in my ebook (in the make - i think I place this also there

not corrected - typed somewhat fast
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Ali Zand thanks for taking time and writing...
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Ankh Aton I oversimplified of course
but it's about many things stolen
like a bike - a car - a Life - an apple - A SMILE - a wife - a man - a city - a planet
and in at the start while just losing the hand of God we stole perhaps
a whole creation
and we are now in the process of re-equilibration

But still we malfunction and the big Proctor , administrator
of the "reality"-time_space where we' are
in this sphere called BRAHMA and by others Jehovah, which is a Jiva like you and me
but an excellent book-keeper
and now you hit me, and I cannot hit back for balancing because you are stronger
so He put some code in the Cray-computer of the universe about the hit

This administrator does a perfect job without the slightest merci.
He knows that He cannot fabricate Jivas and doesn't won't to help a jiva , specially help
with ascend
Also he is a kind of afraid that his job will end by the lack of Jivas
( think of Mephisto-pheles )

Back to the Jiva
There are many situations and the stealing can go very
far as we all see on this hell like planet
in an hell like system of evolution
But Djenghis, Nero, Pol Pot, Mao & Hitler , . . . ALL will adept to the fact
that the burden is way to heavy and in the meanwhile
they / we start to cry for the lost hand

I say this to underline that the system is so perfect and can not miss
Every Jiva sooner or later will go back to the hand of the Lord
which is an unending Love affair

The Love increases like the approach of the Fibonacci spiral center,
the Golden Rule we see in all nature
which never touches this center and the love doubles each inch we go.

The deeper one was , had fallen , the longer
( in terms of big bangs and more )
the greater is the love affair, all the way up to the seventh vertical
heaven ( Talmud, Zohar ), the info came from Melchisadech

It's really true
The last will be the first and all that

Ok . . going back to the table
and if you want - perhaps you have read some now in the ebook-,
I tell you about the "How to go back in a hurry"
how to hyper spiritualize all this

If these guys in the Roma conclave only knew
how non-compassion spoils everything
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Brajesh Dubey The eyes are like lens,sun is source of illumination and the reel of past karma runs inside.what we see is just a film.the earth and space is screen.all is coming from inside.the outer world is not existing.
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Ankh Aton Brajesh Dubey Well said and it's what Rupert said
It is the standpoint of each jiva
up to plants, up to rocks, up to galaxies
It's all Him

The word is solopism.
But in wiki it's not quite explained well
Solopism means that only YOU exist and nothing else.
It's true and also FALSE
It depends completely on relativity, on the point of view
the position one holds actually

this is true for everybody
like a virtual machine generating random which always ends in Love

Adi Granth Sahib :
"It's all HIS clever deception"
this is a standpoint somewhere in the middle of someones Dharma

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