What is Love for the human species . . . How long will it take ..

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Love for humans is compassion without the slightest agenda

 This stuff multiplies exponentially in you
 give it away and you have more
 Hence Jesus advice to the rich guy

You have only sincerely to decide
and the door becomes transparent

 Yet, the love multiplies in you,  you will be radar-like spotted
 by someone on this planet who is already behind that door

 It has nothing to do with religions and little with scriptures

 and She or He will show up before you
 ( might start in dreams or visions )
 and you fall immensely in Love with that person
 A SUPER CRUSH - You cannot help it- it just happens to You
 and your Ego will become smaller because of that help and Greatness
 of the Lord,

 which is accompagnied by this sweet audible seducing music in yourself
 which is The primal Word , the Vibration tangible Sound
 from the first line in the St John gospel

 This is the Only way to salvation
 Just to be bewitched and your compassion does it !

 It's even the endresult of this cruel Darwin evolution
 although difficult to see

 And to make compassion even more easy, God has placed Himself
 around us in  animals
 because loving them and not torturing them
 is certainly without an agenda,  second thoughts , or whatsoever




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 How long will you keep me waiting
 at the threshold of your door
 weeping, waiting , begging to come in,

 how long do I have to kneel here
 with my forehead on the carpet, on the floor
 not knowing that by this I cannot win,

 how many times do I have to read you
 on the pages of the faded holy books
 finding nothing that will heal my broken heart,

 how long has it been, this wanting, needing you
 when all the while you've been right here
 deep in the caverns of my core.

 Tom McFerran.

Nothing has changed on this earth   !!!

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zara 18/07/2012 15:34

yes! animals will never thank you! But if you help animals, don't shout abour it either and wait for people to say you're great, cause that implies ego too. Just help them and be still.....bliss
will fill your heart

the-reason-for-creation 20/10/2013 18:29

Sorry to be late

44 days after the real thing  ! -   WOW