Why again

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God is a giant love producing machine
We can take it or leave.
What you see here is leaving in a big hurry .  .  .

a bankster-1-

There is no God said Buddha  - We are that machine


Love ( DONE without second thoughts , NO Agenda )
can explode in You giantly

Thinking and non duality  at bests postpone that.
read the WHY chapter


Again :

God is a Love producing machine !
Buddha called it Dharma


Again : There is no God, . . we are that machine . . .


don't leave . . . !


It's easy and rewarding

we don't have to give away all we have, like Jesus said
give a smile - everything that makes other people happy

we don't have to offer the other cheek

but we must be attentive without a purpose

to make people happy and do it !

Strange beauties will invade you !


Again : "There are no commandments AT ALL" . .

there is just THAT !


Don't be a little Bankster

see my Bankster song youtube.com/ankhaton

and give a thumb_UP to make me happy



Et Voila : Cet Image s'applique pour un "chaque minute" chaque seconde situation

sur ce terre

Those are the LEAVERS , but they will have another chance after some billions of Big Bangs .


  a bankster-1-





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