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Anybody can take this system  or leave !


  This Holy System is based on the formula that any entity

with even a tiny tiny nano gram of love in his  possesion

can multiply that quantity  exponentially in a big time record time

by giving that love away.


Same btw with anti-love
but that is no subject here.


Thoughts, clever-nesses ,  tried by ex angel lucifer with his 13  figures IQ are of no avail.
Comparison : humans have an avarage IQ of 100,  13 figures is 12 zeros.

I  like to explain simple things too because I try
to write for children too.
They come with God questions at an age of 5/6 already

Now you know  answers  in stead of the "I don't know !"




ANKHATON   ( on youtube.com/ankhaton - btw see my song Jésus )



See it, See This happening .  .  .    before your own eyes :

From myriad of big bang universes like ours, hanging  each under a
Astral sphere/environment/plane  heaven, .  .    the first of  Seven or   1/7  °°   'heavens',
there are so many, .  .  .         like snowflocks at the North Pole

from again myriads uncountable  of those astrals spheres  per causal plane or 2/7  , Heaven Two
it's higher up, finer structure, less material and yes there are so many,
and again

from zillions of those kind of causals worlds Heavens (second Heaven ) , .  . verticaly  UP

nicer, finer, higher frequency, new 'time'/space circumstances  :


a giant flow of  Souls  coming in, . . . .

bathing in all that love

from so many many directions, from times/spaces but also coming from
completely different pyramide structures, .  .
All separated from each other by those different time/space conditions

those Souls like we are, aiming

at a Center,  where the most pure love is.

Those Souls  sharing  what  kind of Love has been theirs , was  experienced by themselves
with everybody there

And this stuff,    It ever Grows !!!!!

You cannot drink enough of it  because you cannot drink that much what comes in !
No End in sight . .

Do Compare it with the incoming info flux  of the  Internet
which you cannot read because it's just to much
but this time it is the  Love .


Therefore there is no 'Advaita kind of God or Absolute'  ,  No Non Duality

There is just that giant dynamic incoming stream without an enn, containing , which is

Love and Buddha called that system 'Dharma'

So, we are already in it  !!


What we see here around us and on TV , mostly is
some temporaly stubburn morons in the periferique dead cats bouncing,
to be disqualified from the real reality
getting a new chance as soon as they want that

with a fresh start at the basis.


It has all to do with time or an equivalent of time
and nobody is disqualified for ever !




( youtube.com/ankhaton )


The Why,   the  Reason,   the   How of Everything,   .  .



The trick is in jesus  story of

" offer the other cheek ! " , 


But a little less than that , .  .  .   that works very well too .


Just give your Love away, .  . that's all.


If you gave for instance 1 gram ( without second thoughts for an
eventual gain ) , Y'r really  left with an ounce -  TRY IT  !  -

and of course because all things are relative there are
many ways of no second thouhgts up to  totally
second thought &  purpose  and a tiny bit thinking of a result


After that first  gram,
Next you have this ounce to give away etc etc
away means :   not to yourself in some hidden or sneeky way
like giving a million to the hospital when you will be admitted while aging,
so they will treat you
It is not that it will not be beneficial but more in a horizontal way

See if you can find something neutral, .  .  lately myself I go to the causes
of Nathalie Valentin on Facebook, who lives here in France

in that horrible city of Nîmes , where they still on Sundays offer 12 Bulls

to the devil by torturing them for hours like Nero did

They organize lesson to teach this horror to young 9/14 kids how to torture
on very young bulls

Also I pray God to forbid the placement of these unthinkable nazi horrors
on the Cultural Heretage List ( that's what this government did )


 The approach of God is not in reasoning and pelgrimages  for humans,

it's in ACTIONS, to start with the animals for that reason placed at our side.

They can hardly give you back in money or something
as is the case with humans. -So it's rather without second thought.


To be neutral in the game is not possible - One goes
UP  or DOWN all the time



The system is  for heaven but it has very nice collateral effects for here on the earth

as well

As a matter of fact it can also save the human species
which I will explain leter - Or just listen my song JESUS on youtube


And please don't fall in that trap of the opposite of love
as a hundred rich families together possesing 150 trillion of dollars (12 zeros)
on this planet are doing - this opossite let's you reincarnate at the biginning
of the echalon , like an insect, like a planet, like an explosion as this big bang even
for a long long time - Beware  -  better do nice  !
What avail is it to devaluate yourself some billions of years ?

because that hatret behaviour ,  that multiplies exponentially too

Give somebody a smile to start ,   a doggy
and things are starting for you - We can start today

Yes , .  .  and there are 'people' who on their own could end all famine and misery
and the crisis , but they are lured down
like a rapist who cannot stop.


Second thoughts are the whole reason that everybody complains that

God is so far away  !!


But S/He (GOD ) just doesn't participate in the  tricks of our mind  !



This booklet   :

-Your life,  . .
-Birth and Death ,  . .
-Why here, .  . 
-your children, . 
.-the problems with the planet , .  .
I'm not a qualified author, .  .  so please be patient with me, .  .  it will be unorganized somewhat or a lot
and you can take something of it or not

-Why now and what sort of ultimate destiny is there for You,  for us all ?

-What's Heaven like ? - 
-A description of the unbelievable .  .  .
-So, .  .  .   Is there any and how exactly will that be .  .   !
-Can I describe ?  .  .  .  yes !
-Will it be boring  ?     . .   no  !

OLAM HA BA, .  .  the 'World to come'.  .  .  to be with Abraham, .  .   in His Lap
Did this knowlege come from Melchichadek.
and why was he a Priest of THE MOST HIGH GOD ?
How then about the other lower Gods ?

-What does it mean : "Created in SIX days"  ?

-What is the difference between a human and an Angel ?

-What about Non Duality, Advaita, Shankara's thought , are they serious ?

What about this 'Silence' Youtube teachers are talking about,  God Silent  , .  .  .  don't think so  !

-About God   !

-About Love 

-How to generate Love  when you have little  ?

-What does it mean the Last  being the First  ?

-Why the baby in the bible was born blind ?

Are spirits existing ?

The Devil  ?


I am writing this anonymously as far as I possibly can , It's just more conveniantly
and helps to avoid some negative  effects

, .  .    Don't shoot the messenger  .  .  .
It's just about information, .  .  any religion might use this info and they will
when the climate comes.
Let's Hope they do not take the conveniant only !

So, .  . This is 's nothing  about acquiring  followers here , .  . 
the explanations can apply to any religion or NONE, the atheists !
Many of them of great quality !

You just stay where you are but you will be better focussed with
understanding and this also  applies to atheists
you just read
and see if some other idea you have or heard makes makes more sense.

Because of translation from my poor european english to good american english ,
I have to

pay an well skilled teacher &  american essay writer en I will pay her

so here is a PAYPAL for support if you like, here is the paypal-address :


the eventual sur-plus I will use for translations in as many languages as I can.



So I will  explain the reason of all  what happens   ,
-Why was all this  created in the first place ?

I will not much refer to 'scriptures', .  .  .
a few lines to prove that this

is at the base of most religions. - 
Further just common sense and a little bit more
coming from experience .

but from your standpoint, .  . ask always : Is it still  very LOGIC  ?

Someone coming up with other but more logical explanations
I will share them in a second

Please don't come up in comments with 'circulaire reasoning',  like

Jesus is God, -  - Yes because it's in the book - who wrote the book
answer : God or Jesus

So Everything here must make sense ,  must be logical -
if not : just tell me via the comments


-Does reincarnation exist or even transmigration ( coming back
in a non-human form ) and so on

-How long is this going on ?

And things for  christians like :

-What it is exactly : "The Holy Community of The Saints", you know the November One celebration :

-About Knowledge completely and deliberately lost.

-What it is the System of Deities in non christian countries and times

also rather forgotten

-What we can learn from the Muslims and what They should learn

-What it is the Messiah system with the Jews and
the Medhie system with the muslims

-What were the Amercan Indians waiting for ?

-What about the Chinese forefather system and great veneration


-What are shamans doing,  .  .  .  
-What is channelling, .  .  is that serious

and also :  
-How can you save yourself from Death,  .  .  .   yes it can be done .  .  . !


Did You know there are 7 heavens indeed  .  .  , vertically, each higher
one more subtle in finer time/space , .  .  .
compare Jacob wrestling with an Angel  to ascent that ladder
but we don't have to wrestle .  .

finer time/space circumstances - more beautiful environments ,  vibrating
with faster frequencies ,
faster and that we can be there  if we desire

-and that our body has 7 layers and ports ( doors, called chakras and that we
arrived here

by our mothers Chakras

in exactly the same way as a star is born or a Galaxy

and that they have chakras too, .  .  yes

-That there are produced more Big Bangs per 'second'  than snowflocks in
Alaska, grains of sand on earth

-Look around you and you see already   that system copied in nature.

-Why and How were we placed here on this planet between
giant empty cold spaces and billions
of terrific star explosions, .  .  just to do your  thing



The E-book is ready but not not ready 'translated' yet, .  .  My european "english" will be
corrected by a professional  american

writer , .  .  
I have to pay her of course but you may wish participating , yet you see or feel I write the truth 
I would appreciate if you donate just what you like .  .  .

Paypal address  : WHY@YOUPAYWHATYOULIKE.COM   .  .  .   
The surplus if any I will again use to open this e-book in other languages


Here are two little ancient short poems,   I like myself very much

making you  taste the sphere here and all I write is in that Sphere :


When the Ocean comes to You as a Lover,   Marry .  .  ,     Quick,   .  .    don't  hesitate,

.  .   no other experience can be equal to This .  .

The Kings Falcon, for no reason ,  has landed on Your Shoulder .  .  .

.  .  and has become Yours

Jalalu din ' Rumi

(a persian Saint - 13th century)


from Saint Augustinus :

"And I entered even in my inward self,Thou being my Guide,
and able I wasfor Thou wert become my helper.

And I entered and beheldwith the eye of my Soul (such as it was) ,
above the same eye of my soul, above my mind, . .

The Light Unghangeable,
Not this ordinary Light which all flesh looks upon,
nor as it were a Greater of the same kind
although the brightness of this should be manifold brighter,
and with its greatness take up all space.

No, . . such was the Light but other yea, . . far other from all these.
He that knows the Truth knows what that Light is, .  .  and He that knows it,  .  .   knows Eternity "


Chapter One


The most unknown secret on Earth  , the most important as well is simple:

Something about LOVE !

It is that, like with money, .  .  .   each person has very different quantities , lots

of it or just a very tiny micro nano quantity of love.

The secret with Love is that when you give it away to another but totally without any

second thought , without a pupose,   it grows exponentially inside  yourself

You feel it,  .  . you are happy

Between totally without any  second thought ( difficult)   and cleverly adressed,
there are many forms of giving love.

So, the more it is sefishless the more that growing exponentially will occur.

Love & negative Love (hate)  is the only stuff doing that -  
Just do a lttle try-out !

You know probably about the king and the grains on the Chessboard,

1 on the first field 2 on the next , then 4 , on the third , 8 on the third , next 16, 32, 64, 128, 256

and so on all all 64 fields

That is 'exponentially'. -  Try to continue 64 times like that  !!

The resulting figure is so big that you cannot write it on one  piece of paper

Doing that with Love while giving it away, - not only  to your dear family, friends
or so because THEY in a way, They  are YOU,
but to an unknown  Soul and without a Goal , that makes a 100% effective.
That will result in acquiring Heaven already on


even long before you go back to where you came from  through the  chakra system of your mother.

I will explain what Chakras are,  more extensively than wiki's

Nothing can be in existance without these whirling tunnels transporting life and love hence and forth

So, we arrived on this planet by your mothers chakras, .  . 

we will go back and exit  through our own, then close them.

Planets Stars, Galaxies and Big Bangs , they all came through chakras

which are rotating whirling ports between another world and this one, which you might compare

with the screen in the cinema where images are projected.

I    will continue The E-Book here but that will be the version "European English"

and I will later place the corrected version elsewhere

If items are not clear or very LOGIC,  please ask about it.
Also tell me the better english if you see linguistic horrors

and only do the paypal thing  .  .  . only   if you feel this helped you
or might help others in some way

All I write is on a need to know base only

It's also to shorten your stay and go home .  .  .  'stay' , i don't mean this life

but quit the rebirth system with it's risky justice

ps on music
Please hear my song JESUS on keyboard

in  www.youtube.com/ankhaton

and you will see my hobby, .  .  the planet and you and your children

For Jazz Lovers there is OBAMA BLUES



ps on infos :
and on general information about things connected with God

look always for :
-no real moneys involved

-no power
-no publicity+

-be very prudent with 'channeling' ,  .  .  when there is a Holy Ghost , there are also unholy ghosts
-no obligations or commandments, .  .  just ONE advise : give love , don't search to take it
-no publicity

-no real goal -  -  this is all because those who need to read this will be guided
to these texts by other means than publicity, .  .  .  often by 'strange' co-incidents

Look back on how you came here  !!


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