The 2 Ways

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To accomodate every body ,every soul  to their wishes and desires  there are two ways back home in creation

ADVAITA - Non Duality

All Jivas (soul+ego)  after earning sufficient inclined mind power, brain power will after multiple lifes be born with the knowledge that we are all one
and consequently unite with Brahma a.k.a.Jehova or who-ever will be the proctor-god of the time sustainer of the astral region ( the first of 7 vertical  heavens : 1/7 ) where most of us  came from.

Being one with that power they have only to follow where Brahma will go himself


The Holy Sound or Holy Ghost is an tangible and audible VIBRATION that humans can hear and can become absorbed in.
It It is a stream to our Source , The 7th Heaven .

On the way we experience litteraly that WE are and always were sound too
and that light , all light and forms came from that Sound ( The Word of ST John )

Deities & Angels beg God for that boon all the time , the human form with its Crown Chakra,
the receiver - emitter -

Only Love ( Compassion without agenda ) will open the Crown so you have to abstain from torture (meat)

Just try It !

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