Relax, . . Hell is not eternal . . .

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There are consciousness   levels, 7 of them


Those are 7 jumps in time/space to go to your origin


The first can be done indeed by stopping thinking

without sleep or semi sleep or hypnosis


90 second is enough if you cn take the heat


it can be done before any chakra

Many Buddhist concentrate on the belly

Christians and Ramana Maharshi on the Heart

The Throat  sometimes with Pranayama Yoga


But if you want to make the trip Home

it must be done on the Crown via the Third Eye

that is because The Holy Ghost resides there


Which is a sound  !   A tangible Sound .


That sound can absorb you and then being in it's stream going up

nothing is more exquisite and comfortable than that.


The 6 lower chakras can be done by exercising

but to perfect the technics and master the residing deities

 is a many lifetime exercise full of ascetism.


But there are Yogis , Rishis, and Mahatmas

coming from several time space heavens who

are ready to help if you submit to them.


Hence the Faust - Mephisto story which is a true one

Also one is never sure of the purposes and qualities of those helpers

If they come from very low they will betray themselves


for instance : Eating meat (kill), collecting money, worldly power, sex  etc



So the most save is the 7th gate via the Holy Ghost


That method will come automatically on your way

once you practice Love which is in humans

compassion without any agenda


I told already that the easiest way to practice is with animals

because with them there is hardly a question of Agenda


So somebody will come on your Path,  in your Dharma

who  is very easy to recognize

 because you will fall in love immensely on that person.


Also the number of synchronizations in your life will

grow up to unbelievable

and also the number of miracles ( impossibilities )


which is just (in a way) recreate the Big Bang but slightly modified


It is done to give you confidence and love.


So far for the 2 minutes without any thought on N° 7

which can bring you to the 7th heaven


Please pray that you will be purpose free compassionate,
the real stuff for

using this 7 chakra system with some flesh around for

 what is was invented for !


This system plays in the whole of creation

in zillions of universes , created per nanosecond

where God takes the cream from the milk

the love from the shit

which System IS what we call God  and is

named Dharma by Buddha


There is no punishment in the system ,  just what goes around comes

 around or giving back what we once stole for anothe
a car, a wife, a country or a smile
which is very reasonable

There is no kind of eternal hell the priests use for moneypurposes


there is only some setback in time , from a day

up to some thousand Big Bangs if needed

 but not eternal


In these circumstances there is no advaita, a silly thought

 like pretending you rule Andromeda or the milky way


It is just a Giant Love Generator,  I'm talking about




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I often use the words "beyond the mind", being clear on the fact that they don't

say anything, so I thought I'd attempt a description.


"Beyond the mind", the here and now is absolute. There is nowhere else.


Think of it as losing yourself totally in moment-to-moment life.


One is so involved in the present moment that the "universe out there" doesn't



It is total, unconditional involvement. There is nothing else but This, at any



Don't know if that communicates anything to anyone, but thought I would offer



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zara-ecolo 01/03/2012 14:49

I confirme! this sound is so beautiful, that just listening to it, get you out of the hell of thinking!!! deuk

the-reason-for-creation 24/06/2012 12:24

You wrote this in, march

So your basket is full by now - Terrific

plus all that invulnaribility    -    !!