'Me' - Ego -Will it vanish ?

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            (1) not yet corrected - remember

this is a book in constant movement


From time to time or when asked I will ignore the

sequence I had myself an idea to practize.


So This question came and it's at the root of so many



Will our Ego , or Me ,           it survive.


The answer in short is YES !


This is quite contrary to many of the indian teachings

and where they say : this here is all illusion and

your ME will be no more when you found God


But my YES is somewhat more in the Christian and

Muslim Sphere

but that needs an explanation -


it's NOT so, that there is a place where is something that you will just looking at for eternity - that would be boring!


Whatever your age is , look back some years and when you are just 6 , look back just One Year, even a week




That person was not the 'ME' of today, . . isn't it.

It has learned some and that adding of cells or

filling of cells in your body made another body and

the Ego this 'Me' is different too.


In general everybody is aware that in the evening you

are another person than when waking up , specially

when you are in a war or another mind blowing



You have in most cases absolutely no problem with it.


- In many cases even -for instance after a great

revelation to you-, or after winning the Olympics or

the Nobel price you wouldn't like to be that person

that waked up that morning.


I said already a little bit about that there

are 7 vertical systems of existence


What I said about the person with the

experience/revelation, Nobel price, . . a jump to an

entirely nes Plane Sphere or calle it Heaven, that

that has a bigger impact


They say :"Have a life !" - so if you have that it's

interesting and you won't want your Ego back from

before that piece of Dharma. ( your life, an

expression from Buddha meaning : PATH )


Now while writing, . . I'm aware that I did not yet

explained the Reincarnation system which refreshes us

constantly and regulary but that's for a little later

Take it for granted for today and we reflect a little


. . . more on that Ego now


We have actually this body, with some limitations, a

mind with even more limits ( general IQ 100 only )

so wouldn't you be happy to have 150 tomorrow

And no hair on you crying about that now more capable

Ego, your 'ME'


In the same sense, when you arrive by closing your

body-chakras - at your death - in this first of the

seven Heavens ( where most of us enter) you are not at

all ( with some exceptions ) crying that stuffs have



You will see that body - feed for the trees now, was

just a tool and to use and misuse and then learn

from that but you often are better of.


Now your own history ( up there ) is clearer and you

really can decide and plan for the future.


You might want to return to the family you loved so

much - you see perhaps° your ex wife crying , others

who are not happy, you want to confort them - - or

you thinkI take a good bath in all these novelties



Whatever, . . but I still didn't touch the subject


Arriving at a certain stage of the Buddha's Dharma,

the Path by acquiring changements, adapting to the

complete different time/space circumstances of

Heaven1/7 is peanuts , later again a giant jump to the

yet more fine time/space_like Heaven 2/7 lures

and so on and on and on

and arriving close to that center they call God, . .



will You still exist ?

That was the question

and therefore is all that description I did.

You'r not the girl anymore that woke up that morning.


Will you recognize Yourself is a better question - And

that depends


It will be just a matter of your

interest to you , . . you will remember at that

"moment" you want to remember. - Specially the Love

that you went through - and that was accumulating


There are also events that make no chance at all to be

on that list because you have already spit them out !


So That will be You

and the happiness of the whole , it ever grows

it grows already NOW , . . each moment and more when

giving your Love away so that it can multiply , in




corrections etc -- so have a look from time to time

I will put a number on the text at the start

like a version number !

Peace and Love




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