LONELINESS - how to end that ? -

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In allspirit@yahoogroups.com, "Ashley"<ashley@...> wrote something, referred to a poem  which is not true at all :


My corrective answer is here under but please first read the oldest chapter of this ebook,

named WHY



> The Word  (  what asley wrote)

 > A pen appeared, and the god said:

> `Write what it is to be

> man.' And my hand hovered

> long over the bare page,


> until there, like footprints

> of the lost traveler, letters

> took shape on the page's

> blankness, and I spelled out


> the word `lonely'. And my hand moved

> to erase it; but the voices

> of all those waiting at life's

> window cried out loud: `It is true.'


> ~


> R. S. Thomas


> from Collected Poems 1945-1990






This loneliness is the thirst

of a person, swimming in a lake and

refuses to bow the head to drink

and he will die


We are completely wired with ou Crown Chakra to connect to

the 100% audible marvellously exquise musical reverberances & chordes

of The Compassionate Holy Spirit


Hearing that all the time while living is like enjoying

the concert with a xillion Souls ALL doing likewise . . .


How can that be lonely !


and it's so easy to join and undo the Uric Acid firewall

around or chakras preventing proper functioning

by compassion

SPECIALLY for his animals


If you can have COMPASSION for animals which is mostly

without second thoughts

you are preparing to have it for humans too


Compassion without a purpose, not even the purpose of Heaven

This is the reason animals are placed around us . . .


They are really the difference between Heaven and Hell, Life or Death



ankhaton on youtube


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