Human Love Machines

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I seem to be the only DUALIST on the web and

I'm allways grateful I'm allowed to say so

Real joy up to exquise serene extasy without the slightest uneasiness ( on a need to know base only )
is only found by submerging oneself in the tangible, audible Lovely unstruck SOUND of

The Holy Spirit: reverberating in every human being.

To do that is the purpose of God and his xillions of universes his angels produce per second

Like in nature ( spermatozoides) : even if only one lover ( a Saint ) is
produced per galaxy he has a tremendous harvest.
But it's more and we can join,  all of us,
No,  we will join all of us?


Some moire rapidly another after some  "time"

He is just a Love Collector, . . . This is what He is.

We can enjoy that with Him by taking Compassion without agenda now
or leave it and come back another time

It takes two . . . . to dance the tango

It's really better than a marriage

Knowledge is for Angels to try, yes,  to try   .  .  .   with their 15 up to 999   figures IQ.

God loves humans most
and every soul in all those universes must become human with the door
Jesus said to knock on

the entrance to the Love collection.

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