How to Die without fear

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Normally I ask first read the WHY chapter
but not now  so much,  .  .  . 
this chapter is rather clear in itself ,  I guess

How to die without Fear

Apart from the fact that we have to leave behind most things we like
and are attached to
which can be painful...

there is a possibility
to take a lot of your 'earthly' stuff
with you at that moment of death.

And it really will for a part  or  even completely,

suppress any fear you might have.

Those are the Gold bars and Diamonds
we have collected during our life 
by giving away our   "Love without agenda".

Stuff given to your near , your family -sorry to say-
don't count very much

because that was your 'You'

But what you did out of kindness , without a hidden or open  agenda
all that love ( which is compassion for humans ), that you gave away, just for the love of ginving it
without a goal
and which made you happy by the act itself
and what duplicated in yourself as the only stuff  in the univers multiplying
in yourself by giving it away
that stuff will stay at your side  at the moment of death

And You just can take that with you !

And God made things easy for us  because sometimes it is difficult
to see in yourself if there was an agenda:

he placed Himself in the animals around us
to learn this kind of compassion

What kind of hidden agenda would be there by leaving
a cow in the meddow ?  instead
of ordering it to the slaughterhouse

So,  Guys and galls,  . .   start filling your baskets with this heavenly gold
unclear is the moment we will need it.



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