How easy it is to win the Lotto compared with existing.

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How Big, Small, Giant or Tiny is the possibility

that You exist


What do you think of what is more likely


a) You win the lotto each day of your life


b) That you exist as a person



No meed to say because you figurted it out



If there had not been this Big Bang - No us.


If your grandmother had been sick that day -No You

(AD : next subject I have in mind : Free Will   do we have that   Y/N

just like the TV interruptions , we all accept )



If this Milky way had not bumped with another one

some time ago - No us


If Julius Caesar hadn't crossed the river Rubicon - No You


Even if Hitler had not existed - no us for many of us



If the Earth hadn't broken somewhat when it was still hot and not had produced

the moon, . . . -no us


If Bonaparte had not lost in, 1815 with his 1.2

million soldiers -no us


If the anticonception had not been invented, -no you


If there was no planet Jupiter which protect the

earth and we would have 1000 times the number of

impacts like the one that ended the Dinos - No us at all


If it hadn't rained that day - no us


If your gran grand father hadn't broke his leg - no You


If our sun wasn't exactly in it's safe period for

a planet - No Us


If the pharao tutankhamon hadn't lived (hihi) . . ?


If Jesus hadn't been around . . .


If this big bang hadn't worked out , because


there are billions of them each second and some

extinguish soon after ignition . . .




Do you see how easy is is to win the lotto each


day , even each minute, . . a real peace of cake



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about another questing of life & death very


actually ( december 2011 )



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