God is Sound, . . You are Sound

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Things are not that complicated,  This is the Manual


St John --first line- sais GOD IS A SOUND

All founders of other religions say the same


So :

Hear, Yes Hear That fantastic Music to start with and you are completely flabbergasted from literally hearing that divine sound


How to do !


Clean your Crown Chakra which is the 'Ear' for this exquisite melody

which all Angels wish to possess


Clean it from dirt : the byproduct of evil - , Gods firewall, called URIC ACID and it comes in our blood

from our cruelness behavior of mega-massacring other Souls where God resides.

Uric acid comes from NON-neutralized adrenaline because of the victims fear at the time of torture & death


So stop cooperating with the meat industry which is also the doom for this planet

and your Crown will open and you start hearing the first emanations c q Sounds of what God is.


It's really not much asked for such a boon and eternal liberation from

re-incarnations and trans-migration !

It costs no money and no organizations are involved

It is between You and the Creator


A certain moment you will start to be addicted to that Heavenly bewitching music

and lose your other addictions smoothly

you prefer a ferrari above a bicycle

You are in love the whole day and everything is in blossom and bloom to you


It's so compelling then that you feel , you want to be absorbed by that music ( The Name of God ( which indeed cannot be spoken ) , the Logos,


Yes you will be absorbed , slowly you will realize that YOU are that music and yes only THEN advaita is true

Next your voyage back to the Source begins and the Sound will ever grow

and there will be no end of it


This is different for everybody between smooth-quick and very slow with some hinder, depending of karma(s) but you will always be happy


This is Buddhas Dharma , your life , God's way against boredom

and honestly , you & me wouldn't be able to improve that method


S/He created xillions of little particles which are all HIM in SPe , in ignorance

until you hear the music


Don't wait for another future incarnation -the univers again ready to accept you in this unique human form

Do it NOW


Do the Compassionate thing !


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Esther/Zara 26/11/2012 09:40

yes God is sound, transforming into light...to be able to see light, you need to open your eyes and blow away the dust of karma...karma made out of killing, or having participated in killing

the-reason-for-creation 19/12/2012 22:28

Love , lovely sound
we wretches,  are & will just be cleansed by listening to that mega  lovely vibration
and lots of karma destroyed

If people knew what this does,  that interference  resonance of ourself
with the original Sound from The Source
Whole big bang universes are mofified to please a lover

Thank You Maria Magdalena