Free Energy

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The whole world is searching for free energy and Yes it is available. -
Without it it will never be possible to do some real space research.

This question or queste is right connected with the question if there is intelligent life apart from earth.

Yes there is.

There might come a time that people will consider this question as a stupid one, .  .  like
questioning the flat earth.

There is nothing without life in the multiple universes.

Even stones and cold planets, meteors etc , .  . they are alive.  - The Sun The Galaxy and this tiny bigBang
It is an entity !

Later I will explain that there are degrees of consciousness which differ.

In 18xx there was an US  photagrapher , drunk most at the time
but loaded or not, when he made a photograph and he thought firmely at the Eiffeltower in Paris

or another item like the pyramides , it was clearly seen on the imaged he made.

His name was Ted Serios.

At that same time there was another person , an engineer, Mr Keely
who manufactured a device that could make you float.
But it worked by playing a tone on a violin.
He tried in vain to have a Patent but that was rejected, because it never worked in his absence.

I say absence  : once another person played the same tone on the violin and nothing happened
untill Mr. Keeley touched his shoulder and the the half a ton weight went floating.

The documented stories about it made me think of the bedouin stories
about the old egyptiens transported big stones by playing the flute and big mountain baritons.

I will add some other examples later decribed by Langston Day
and a story of a funny CERN scientist having a big Cheops Pyramid

in his room.

The point is that free energy is a mental process which has a firewall .

Like the use of our chakras have also a firewall.

Like to be 'aware' of God, but also much lower entities like Angels has also a firewall for
a very good reason.


The human body is often or all the time seen as a hinder ,  an obstacle.


I TELL YOU  IT IS A PROTECTION. - Be glad , .  . like the earth has the different layers of protection
up to the ionosphere against plasma
the body is a layer around you and we should not take it lightly.

Where is the high rate of suicides among children these days coming from ?
It comes from attacks on our bodyfunctions by Dopamine and Serotinine  level

modifyers like Prozac and Ritalin and hundreds others

These chemicals will space travel impossible for ever.

to continue

There is



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