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Re:   "If your eye is single, your whole body is full of Light"

The photograph shows just the opposite

wich I  did explain in the article   'Why Again'


Thank You MazHur


I did not know that

and perhaps

they mean to say like in Gospel St John

In the beginning there was a  SOUND and then LIGHT came from THAT    SOUND


and it's very plausible to say :  light is just one of 99 attributes

  or  creations.


99 like 777 in holy scriptures always means "with no end" , un-measurable !


Yes and The world above us , the first of 7 heavens

( Muslims agree, saying God's abode is the 8th  -  it's the same ) , in vertical direction

each time going UP  in a kind of "DIE to LIVE" to ascend in higher frequency purer


There is a nice movie giving an imperfect idea but it's a nice try like AVATAR

it's name title:



And Light is then just the 1/99 of  attributes off ALL these so gross materialized :

trillion²²² of Big Bangs floating like snow flocks at the North pole in the tiny

astral sphere.


And the Super Beauty is that humans , equipped with their Crown Chakra can


hear That sound - - - It's always there and we can connect


It's beautiful


One has just to give his love away, . . that's all

and it will start sounding without Ever Ending !


Blessing and That Bliss to All of You



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