Exactly : What is The Holy Ghost !

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Please first read the WHY Chapter

On a remark somewhere else :


Religion without Love is Heresy ( Kabir), .  .  .    

I have answered:




Love for the tangible , audible, exquisite and fascinating Holy Spirit

 and diving in !


Humans can hear That Sound in the Crown Chakra above the eyes

 There are two sound_streams_rivers


One from Brahma going down supporting creations at the left side

 One at the right side flowing back to the Seventh heaven

straight through , each time more so


Subtle Seven time-space shifts ( like death while being fully conscious )

 One dives in that river  going home with the help of Love



It all comes from compassion without agendas ( animals too)

Meat is an efficient firewall from God

against the cruelty and the torturers




Brahma is the governing power of the first of seven time-space

regions /environments

and he is a proctor, advocating knowledge

next allowing the knower near him


He exercises as we see on TV : karma , which is straight justice , not

love, not even love with a small 'l'


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esther 09/06/2012 17:51

yes, no one knows what this holy spirit is, but we all have it...we forgot to listnen to it, we forgot our way home...once we find the guide to show us...this audible sound current, takes us home

the-reason-for-creation 20/10/2013 18:32

Thank You hersen-tangible