Buddha : There is no God !

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I have to be clearer


There is no SPECIFIC God !


This whole perfect creation system,  .  .    us included

which can only turn out to be better

whatever happens . . .


It never ends !








However seen from our perspective

we better aim for the top than for the bottom

of it






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> If there wasn't a little bit less of Him

> There wouldn't be a little bit more of Him


> ankhy



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> > > from Mark's ND Highlights, #4475, part of an interview excerpted from

> > > Adyashanti's new book, interview available now if you're in the NDH

> > > group or in a few days when it gets posted at

> > > http://nonduality.com/hlhome.htm

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> > E: This piece of enlightened literature stays within the technical realm of experience, the self-help cosmetic trend, while enlightenment as liberation is the angle that does not focus on one's emotions.

> > Yogi Ramsuratkumar would say:

> > "Whenever my Father wants this beggar to talk, this beggar talks, whenever my Father wants this beggar to keep silence, this beggar keeps silence, whenever my Father wants this beggar to laugh, this beggar laughs, whenever my Father wants this beggar to weep, this beggar weeps. Wherever my Father keeps this beggar, whatever my Father does with this beggar, this beggar would just submit to his Father's will. This beggar knows Father cannot commit any mistake. Whatever He does, He does for the good of the whole cosmos. So, nothing is wrong in this world, nothing is sin in this world. Every thing happens, happens by the will of my Father. So, nothing is wrong in this world. Everything is perfectly alright."

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