About the greatness of the human form

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In Lisa Cairn's  facebook there was a song

with the line


"You are going to lose everything, ...if not in life it will be at death"


and I had to comment



Is a false statement

W- We  are going to lose ALL THINGS PERISHABLE, Yes ..............


So, ... have a super crush on the absorbing music
of the Holy Ghost, residing in our Crown Chakra,
audible music there which is eternal


En plus, all jivas (souls+ego) arond you having an attachment TO YOU will be absorbed to by virtue of that attachment

So you will not lose them either


This is the great secret of Creation, . . . that door that Jesus
said to bounch on all the time and it will open with
the help of someone

there already


Angels, ArchAngels and higher Powers of God? they beg him

all the time for the human form, defined by the Crown


If we only knew what we have already !!


( told Laurent precisely how this works

and that it all comes automatically from compassion without any agenda , not even heaven )


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